Staying within the ‘self’, along with its frame work and context, Rhine Bernadino actively experiments with her body to draw out and possibly activate a higher understanding of it. She is interested in the body as a physical and biological structure and uses her own body to address sociological, political and cultural issues and concerns. These can be related to the body as both a physical entity and a blueprint that carries numerous symbolisms, histories and associations. This process of exploration is further investigated in her practice with the incorporation of time, interval, duration and repetition.


Bernadino often works collaboratively with visual artists but also across disciplines including musicians, curators, inventors, designers, and researchers. These are pivotal to her practice – she seeks to challenge social conventions and provoke discussions in relation to our views and understanding of the self, others, the environment and how they are inextricably linked.


Art is to be seen as a catylist for social change and as an essential element in community engagement and interaction. She describes her piece “Regla”(pictured above) as "a makeshift laboratory wherein collections of menstrual blood are not associated with disgust but regarded as objects of inspection and conversation.”