Chasing Elsewhere: A mixed exhibition curated by Karen Tronel

7 December 2023 - 13 January 2024
Marco Piemonte, Three little Friends II, 2023

A group exhibition curated by Karen Tronel.


Chasing Elsewhere explores the pursuit of Elsewhere or Otherness that to some extent drives us all.


The theme reflects a perpetual desire for movement or change. This may stem from restlessness, or a need to escape current circumstances, leave a geographical location or simply get away from oneself in some manner, or may be inspired more positively by the endless draw of the new, the unknown - a thirst for discovery, change, self-fulfilment and new or altered realms. 


The works in the show will touch on transformation, dreamscapes, an opening or route into the next Elsewhere, be this a physical place or an imagined one.


Including works by:

·       Harry Adams (Steve Lowe + Adam Wood)

·       Kate Burling

·       Billy Childish

·       Peter Doig

·       Huddie Hamper

·       Heckel’s Horse (Billy + Edgeworth Johnstone)

·       Gavin Lockheart

·       Marco Piemonte

·       Emily Platzer  

·       Victor Puš-Perchaud

·       Yuma Radne

·       Alfie Rouy

·       Karen Tronel  

·       Gavin Turk