Fiumano Clase Family Saturday: 11am - 3pm

18 June 2022 
Our informal Family Saturday takes its inspiration from the artist Roger Holtom, who explores music and the interchangeability between the disciplines of playing music and painting. The artist plays sections from Johan Sebastian Bach's six suites for cello each day prior to painting as a way to prepare himself for the creation of new works.
In this session we will listen to a recording of Roger Holtom playing the Prelude to the Suites. We will then explore how the music makes us feel and perhaps even create a masterpiece of our own.

Family Saturdays are aimed at families with children aged between 4-14 years. They are free sessions, offering families a unique interactive experience of art and music. Younger children are of course welcome but we do ask that they be supervised by an adult.

Light refreshments will be served.