Shadi Razaei's passion for the visual arts comprises of an exploration of the relationships between tradition and contemporary art. Her works bring a series of mutable and spontaneous gestures that negotiate the relationship between stability and uncertainty.


In her practice, Rezaei explores her own eidetic memory. A wide range of themes such as power, gender, animalism/humanity, oddity/beauty and identity, are depicted in her work. Her journey of examination and exploration is carried out through various creative media and the use of unconventional materials, which enable her to create and question metaphoric expressions of the untold. The narratives she wishes to communicate determine the medium she chooses to work in.


Her subjects are often invited to play a part in the creation of the work, and a combination of photography, performance, dance, painting and the use of video render her work truly multi-dimensional.


Rezaei’s works have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and auctions in the United Kingdom, United States, Monaco & Dubai, as well as having been presented in panels and publications.