Rebecca K. Halliwell-Sutton

"I create sculptural forms and documents that trace emotional responses to our lived experience. The work engages sculpture, photography, written word and curatorial practice. In previous works formal qualities reference the body, invoking a certain psychological state through dichotomous elements existing in harmony and conflict, binaries become fluid and interchangeable, objects attempt to embody feeling. My practice is influenced by the idea of non-linear time, existing at the centre of circles rather than points on a line, conversations across generations and messages from the universe hope to become tangible. "

Previous work ‘Field Studies of Touch’ explores associations between land and body. Appropriating the visual languages of archaeology and geology, the work questions ideas of naturalness, truth and history. Concrete masquerades as marble, and the body acts upon fluid, malleable material that solidifies into false landscapes, we are asked to consider the slippage between inherited knowledge, predictions and interpretation.


Current work contemplates objects that require a certain belief or leap of faith to transform their meaning into something more. The shapes of Hagstone’s become battered metal shells levitating and portal-like and the leftovers of a fertility ritual are documented on silver gelatin on aluminium in the ‘blue ritual’ photographs.'


Solo exhibitions include: Texts from the universe, STCFTHOTS, Leeds; Relics of what could be, what could have been, Slugtown, Newcastle; Field Studies of Touch, and Gallery North, Newcastle. Group exhibitions include: Everything Must Go! Assembly Point, London (2019); Sensitive Matter, Bridget Riley Studios, London (2019); LANDGRAB, The Shop, Sadie Coles HQ, London (2019); State of The Arts, Selfridges, Manchester (2019); Premiums: Interim 2nd year show, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2020).