2020             Joie Panique Editions. EU and FEU editions

2014              100 Painters of Tomorrow,Thames & Hudson, London

                     Young London 2011-2014 Catalogue by V22 Collection & Grey Tiger

2013              Antes de irse.40 ideas sobre la pintura, David Barro, Spain

2011              Wonderpia, text by Lee Jinmung & Kira Kim

2010             Odd Place, text by Lee Jinmyung   

2010             Tautologies, text by Raúl Zamudio

2010             Toon Toon, text by Kristian Leahy

2009             Turpsbanana issue nº 6, Review by Sarah Douglas

2007             Planes Futuros by Lorena & Maria del Corral. Text by Cedar Lewisohn

                      Celeste Art Prize, England

                      Beauty and Sadness by Monica Alvarez Careaga

2006             Emerging Art in Spain by Manuela Villa

                      Puente de la Vision by the Museum of Santander. Text by Isabel Portilla

                      D[x]i Magazine, issue 21

2004             Street Logos by Tristan Manco