Kuikka's artistic practice is mainly focused on narrative storytelling via moving image and largescale immersive installations. Her fascination with the absurd and the uncanny firmly root her in the Nordic tradition, with dark undertones and surprizing paradoxes weaving in and out of the realities she constructs.

Themes running through her oeuvre include familiar mythologies and fairy tales , social issues, and questions around personal and universal trauma. Her protagonists often take on roles that destabilise societal norms, her intention is to deconstruct established values around physicality and identity.


Kuikka's work transports the viewer into an alternative reality where complex and disquieting sequences of events generate debate around issues including xenophobia, misogyny, physical disability and individual identity.


"I use recognizable and ordinary everyday elements and materials, that I then amplify or place out of context so that they appear odd, surreal yet familiar. In my moving image, although all the characters and stories are fictional, I do depict current social issues, herstory or trauma. 'The real world' is the source of fiction - a purely imaginary probably cannot exist?"

Anikó Kuikka, Interview by Athanasía Aarniosuo, April 2020