Takefumi Hori

Enjuku 円熟

Fiumano Clase presents Takefumi Hori’s third UK solo exhibition, from 18th April – 26th May 2018 at Unit 12, 21 Wren Street, London WC1X 0HF.


Enjuku, taken as the title for the exhibition, is a Japanese term quite literally meaning maturity, perfection and ripeness. It is often used to describe an individual who, through continued study and personal development, has reached a milestone in their creative lives.  It is without question that Japanese artist Takefumi Hori’s artistic practice has now reached a new level of maturity, perfection and ripeness. Furthering his exploration into the profundity of gold both as a colour and a material, Hori’s layering and revelatory technique brings a renewed depth and dynamism to his paintings.

May 8, 2018