Sam Burford drops new NFTs at Volta Basel

Fiumano Clase launched their first artwork NFTs at Volta Art Fair, Art Basel by the British artist Sam Burford. The drop is an initial preview release of Burford’s Wrecking Punks collection on Opensea; https://



Each Wrecking Punk is seen in various states of disarray having been impacted by a series of virtual wrecking balls - a clear metaphor for the disruptive nature of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Burford comments; ‘I want these artworks to capture the spirit of the current age, resonating with its present uncertainty, and to act as a commentary on the continuing on-trend fascination with crypto assets.’



Describing the artistic logic behind this new NFT collection, Burford explains; ‘By giving these crypto entities the additional characteristics of three dimensionality, temporality and kinetic vorticism, I am looking to draw parallels with the revolutionary world described in Marinetti’s radical 1909 Futurist Manifesto (, with its attendant memes of cultural rejuvenation and rejection of the past.’

Gallerist Francesca Fiumano comments ‘As far as I am aware these are the some of the first computer generated NFTs to be simultaneously dropped in the hybrid space of a physical art fair and online platform.’



Fiumano Clase is also showing a rarely seen series of photorealistic computer animations, generated by the artist over the past decade. Burford comments ’NFTs provide a paradigm shift in supporting artists working in the digital domain to reveal their work to a much larger audience than previously and also to encourage artists to work with the liminal space between the physical and the virtual’.

For more examples, head over to:



September 21, 2021