This November, Fiumano Projects merged with Orion Contemporary to become Fiumano Clase, and PULSE Miami (7-10 December 2017) will be the gallery’s debut international art fair.


In recent years Andrés Clase, of Orion Contemporary, and Francesca Fiumano, of Fiumano Projects, have collaborated on numerous exhibitions and projects. The success of these collaborations, pooling over thirty years of combined knowledge and experience, resulted in the decision to form Fiumano Clase. The new venture represents a union of both a professional and personal relationship, an exciting juncture in both Andrés Clase and Francesca Fiumano’s lives. The two comment:


“After sixteen years as professionals in the art world, the forming of Fiumano Clase is our most exciting milestone yet. We see our role as continuing to encourage and support the very best ideas, techniques and practice, something which is crucial to the growth of our artists and the gallery’s programme. We look forward to welcoming new collectors to Fiumano Clase at PULSE this winter.”


Fiumano Clase will bring works from some of the top international contemporary artists, such as Takefumi Hori, Roger Holtom, Sam Burford, and Nicole Wassall.


Takefumi Hori is a Japanese artist whose practice is rich and varied in its execution. Working onto a base coat of gold acrylic paint, Hori layers clear gel mixed with pigment followed by gold leaf. The process of cutting, sanding and scratching is then repeated. These balanced and harmonious paintings can be best described as ‘Miyabi’, one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals. In modern Japanese, the word is usually translated as elegance or refinement.


Roger Holtom is a British artist, and former professional cellist. He describes the principles of composition, tonality, texture, colour, rhythm and nuance as being common to both disciplines: “I was able to take my knowledge of these fundamentals and apply them to an ongoing investigation into the art of improvisation – from the perspective of a visual artist.” Through a range of techniques, from rust inhibitors to wood-stains, Holtom creates a wealth of unusual effects and unique surfaces.


Sam Burford, currently exhibiting at Fiumano Projects in London, is a contemporary British artist whose fascination with film is evident throughout

his work. One of the pieces Fiumano Clase brings to PULSE, is Burford’s abstract portrayal of the iconic film, The Wizard of Oz. The initial basis of his practice is the production of time-lapse photographs of cinematic time using specially constructed cameras, which he combines with synthetic methods to explore the instrumental potential of simulated photorealism.


Nicole Wassall is a London based artist whose work spans across media, including video, sculpture, photography and installation. Wassall describes her process as using “an understanding of neuroscience to push open the swing doors of hunches and blur the dotted lines between senses and perception.” She sees neuroscience as particularly exciting in its potential to push the boundaries of contemporary art.



December 1, 2017