Gallery Talk: Roberto Ekholm with Fiumano and Clase: A panel discussion revolving around Herman Lohe's artistic practice

Fiumano Clase Gallery 25 June 2019 
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Discover more about Herman Lohe’s work and practice within a space filled with his art, in a discussion led by curator Roberto Ekholm at Fiumano Clase, along with the gallery directors Francesca Fiumano and Andrés Clase. The discussion will consider Lohe’s practice in the broader context of Scandinavian landscape painting and in the current London contemporary art scene, and how Lohe’s work fits in the oeuvre of other Scandinavian artists of the past and working today.


In 2018, Ekholm explored contemporary artists’ relationships to landscape in an exhibition entitled Sweep~Landskip, held in Stavanger, Norway. Ekholm featured Lohe’s work in dialogue with eleven other artists and he will also discuss this encounter of contemporary landscape art in the talk.


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10:00 – Complimentary refreshments to be provided

10:15 – Introduction by gallery co-director Andrés Clase

10:30 – Roberto Ekholm talk to begin

12:00 – Event to end


Roberto Ekholm’s fee has been donated to Reverse Rett, a charity dedicated to changing the lives of children and adults with Rett Syndrome. Rett syndrome is a neurological disorder that affects 1 in 10-15,000, mainly girls, and develops at 18-24 months. It leads to severe communication, motor and anxiety disorders. Gene therapy trials are in the early stages but further funding is needed to find a cure. Ekholm is currently conducting fundraising activities for the charity and would be happy to give information about the charity on the day of the talk.


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About Herman Lohe

Herman Lohe (b.1967) is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist who sees nature as his muse. Lohe sees the natural landscape as a vehicle with which to understand broader universal ideas and a mirror for experiencing human emotion. Born into a family of artists, he has practiced art for 25 years, working in painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation. His works are in public collections such as the Swedish municipalities of Sollefteå, Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik and counties of Västerbotten and Västernorrland. Lohe lives and works in London and Surrey.


About Roberto Eckholm

Roberto Ekholm is a Swedish artist and curator. In 2013 he established eKco London to produce and curate contemporary art exhibitions with a unique creative perspective. With eKco he has curated exhibitions for such institutions as Guildhall Art Gallery (UK), Bohuslans Museum (Sweden) and National Museum in Wrowcław (Poland). Ekholm is also a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, London. He lives and works in London.