Clement Page is a UK based multidisciplinary artist. His current series of works explores the physicality of the medium of paint on highly reflective surfaces. He paints on mirrors, using liquid glass paint to create suggestive abstract images. Each trace is unique, combining to create visually and conceptually engaging paintings.

Previous projects have included immersive film installations, often conceived and created over a number of years. Page sees a direct connection between his film work and his paintings although the practicality and physical experience of working in each media is very different.

"I've been exploring ways to involve the viewer directly with painting, comparable to film. I've been experimenting with a variety of paints and different substrates which would enable this and I arrived at the use of mirrors. Using mirrors as a substrate for painting allows me to inscribe the viewer's reflection and the surrounding environment into the painting. The 'to be looked at' aspect of painting is contrasted with the 'to look at oneself' aspect of mirrors.
By combining multiple mirrors hung at right angles I am able to create a situation in which reflected paint from each mirror conceals and reveals the other as well as concealing or revealing the viewers reflection. The meaning of the work then changes depending upon the reflected environment and who is viewing it."


*Excerpt from a conversation between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Clement Page.